Drake - Brass Resonance Chamber NY Jazz Alto Mouthpiece

Introducing "The Next Innovation in Tone..."

Brass Resonance Chamber NY Jazz Alto

This manufacturing innovation by Drake Mouthpieces creates a new dimension in tone for the Saxophonist.  The Internal Exposed Brass Chamber offers the over tones frequencies of brass in your sound.

By adding this chamber to one of our best selling models, the NY Jazz, we offer the player a new dimension to be explored.  The harmonic over tones of brass are present in the tone of this amazing new mouthpiece concept. 

The Brass Chamber adds approximately 31% to the overall weight of the mouthpiece.  The addition of this chamber facilitates additional power, flexibility, and control, as wells as greater ease with the Altissimo register.

The combination of innovative resonant materials has been the hallmark of Drake Mouthpieces since the introduction of our ceramic saxophone mouthpieces in 1990. 

Drake - Brass Resonance Chamber NY Jazz Alto Mouthpiece
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