Drake - David Sanborn Alto Mouthpiece

The New “David Sanborn” Alto Mouthpiece by Drake Mouthpieces 

This mouthpiece is an original design conceived for David Sanborn in 2014 when I began working with him.  Since that time David has been playing this mouthpiece exclusively.  

The mouthpiece design incorporates several critical design elements including a 3 tiered baffle design, medium venturi chamber, and ergonomic beak profile.  Each mouthpiece is hand faced and calibrated to maximize resonance.  The result is a mouthpiece that facilitates optimal expression. 

The David Sanborn model is made of precision milled brass that is hand faced and calibrated to the exact specifications of David’s mouthpiece.  Each mouthpiece has a satin finished that is sterling silver plated and engraved with a unique serial number.  Limited Production.  Includes a Rovner L-11 ligature, Drake Cap, Velvet pouch, and Carry Case 

Back story

In 2013 David invited me to meet after his concert in San Antonio Texas.  David expressed his need for a mouthpiece that could replace the mouthpiece he played for many years.  From this initial meeting I began making prototype mouthpieces for David to try, and within several months we landed on a design that David liked.  Not only liked, but a mouthpiece that could be his number one piece.  In 2014 Dave switched and began playing exclusively on his Drake mouthpiece.  

Several years have passed since then, and now David and I have decided to offer this mouthpiece as the David Sanborn model. 

Drake - David Sanborn Alto Mouthpiece
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