Drake - Eddie Daniels "La Voce" Tenor Mouthpiece

Introducing the Eddie Daniels “La Voce” - a new model for Tenor.  A clear, focused, and flexible tonal quality is the result of this original acoustic design.   Exceptional control and responsiveness with great projection and the versatility to play any style of music. This is a rollover baffle design with a unique floor contour and medium chamber.

“My sound is about my voice......not only that, but the sound is my voice.  So...the “La Voce” mouthpiece is, or enables the sound to become my voice. I think it has the flexibility to become your personal voice...with the closer facing for more subtle qualities and

the larger tip opening for balls to the wall.  Try it!! You will like it!” - Eddie Daniels


Indludes Drake Double Rail Ligature, Cap, Pouch and Case.

Available tip openings 6*, 7, 7*, 8, 8* 

Drake - Eddie Daniels "La Voce" Tenor Mouthpiece
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