Drake - Eddie Daniels "Open Secret" Tenor Mouthpiece

The Eddie Daniels "Open Secret" Master Series Tenor mouthpiece is the result of a collaboration betweeen Eddie and Aaron Drake.  The design of this piece features a rollover baffle transitioning to a medium / large chamber with a moderate amount of under cutting on the side walls. 

This mouthpiece is designed for players who prefer a closer, more manageable tip opening.  The facing is specially calibrated to offer the player the greatest ease and comfort, while facilitating a colorful and expressive range of possibilities.

Indludes Drake Double Rail Ligature and Cap and case.

Available tip openings 5*,6,6*,7  

The open secret being that "Beautiful, centered, flexible sound is "best" made with a close, easy to play mouthpiece." Eddie Daniels

Drake - Eddie Daniels "Open Secret" Tenor Mouthpiece
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