Drake - "Stubbie" Metal Tenor Mouthpiece

The Drake "Stubbie" Tenor mouthpiece 

This mouthpiece features a medium rollover baffle that transitions to a medium / large chamber and the classic tapered window design.  There is an immediate responsiveness to these mouthpieces that features a beautiful core resonance and ease of play through the entire range of the saxophone.  Each mouthpiece is hand faced and finished by master craftsman Aaron Drake.  
These mouthpieces are milled from brass and are sterling silver plated followed by 24K gold plated

Each mouthpiece includes a Rovner L-3 ligature, Drake Cap, Velvet Pouch, and carry case.

7   - .102"
7* - .105"
7** - .108"
8   - .110"
8* - .115"


Drake - "Stubbie" Metal Tenor Mouthpiece
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