Drake Studio Jazz Metal Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

Introducing the Drake “Studio Jazz” Metal Alto Mouthpiece

After a 7 year hiatus from making metal mouthpieces we are happy to announce several new models starting with the “Studio Jazz” alto model. 

This mouthpiece is an original design which features a rollover baffle and a medium chamber.  The baffle and floor contour are specifically calibrated to offer flexibility with outstanding control and projection.   The versatility of this design enables each player to create their own sound.  Wether you are playing lead alto, R&B, or funk, you will find this mouthpiece can deliver!

Each mouthpiece is hand faced and hand finished by master craftsman Aaron Drake. 

These mouthpieces are milled from pure brass and are silver plated in house at our facility in Georgetown, Texas.

Each mouthpiece includes your choice of a Drake Quad Point Ring ligature or a Rovner ligature, a Drake cap, as well as a velvet pouch and carry case.  

Drake Studio Jazz Metal Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece
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