Fox Model 601 Professional Bassoon

The Model 601 was first offered by Fox Products in 1991. Designed to project a large, dark tone to meet the needs of soloists and orchestral players, it was the first fox design with thicker walls and larger tone holes. In addition, it has extra length in both the bass and wing joints to produce an even greater depth of sound and more powerful low register.


Standard Features

  • Select, aged Mountain or Red Maple body
  • French (metal ring) or German (white ring) bell
  • Natural rubber lining in the wing and small bore of the boot
  • Key work made of nickel silver with heavy silver plating
  • Nickel silver water tubes extending into the bore

Standard Keywork

  • Full German Key System
  • High D key
  • High E key
  • Right hand whisper key lock, rotary style
  • Rollers for right little finger F and A (flat)
  • Rollers for left little finger E (flat) and D (flat)
  • High A bridge to whisper key


  • Two Professional Bocals: *CVC* R2 bocals; #2 & #3 lengths ~ Options: CVX, CVC, CTX, CTC styles; Lengths 0-4


  • Premium case with both shoulder and backpack straps
  • Two high quality bassoon reeds
  • Hand rest
  • Neck strap
  • Seat strap
  • Micro-fiber swabs for boot and wing
  • Care cloth

Popular Options

  • Body lock
  • Balance Hanger
  • Offset high E key
  • A (flat)-B (flat) trill key
  • E (flat) trill key
  • Left hand whisper key lock
  • Rollers for right thumb B (flat) and F (sharp)
  • Rollers for left thumb C (sharp), whisper key, Low C & D
  • High F key



Professional Bassoon Options:

Cork Bass Tenons

Cork Extra Tenon, two piece bass joint

Cork Wing and Bass Tenons 

Cork Wing Tenon

French Bell (Metal Bell Ring)

Gold Plating

Body Lock

C-sharp Trill Key Guard

Articulated A-flat/B-flat Trill

Articulated Low E/F-sharp Trill

Two Piece Bass Joint, with special case

Balance Hanger

Bassoon Palm Guard

Automatic Low E-flat & D-flat Mechanism (Cuciureanu)

Auxiliary Low C Extension

Auxiliary Low C-sharp Mechanism

Auxiliary Low C-sharp Spatula

Combination (Right & left hand) E-flat Trill Key

Delete B-flat Trill and move keys closer

Double High E & F Keys

Double High E Key

High A Bridge to Whisper Key with Roller

High E Key with Offset E and F-sharp Spatulas

High G-sharp/A Ring Key

Left Hand E-flat Trill Key

Left Thumb Spatula for Low E-flat

Little Finger Whisper Key

Low C & D Spatulas for Right Thumb

Low E to F Connection

Offset High E & F Keys

Plateau Key, L Hand Third Finger

Right Hand E-flat Trill Key with Alternate C-sharp Trill Key Position

Right thumb Whisper Key Spatula

Single Spatula Low E-flat/D-flat Mechanism (Cuciureanu)

Special Whisper Key Lock R Hand, Type III (rotary)

Thumb A-flat/B-flat Trill Key

Whisper Key Lock, L Hand (instead of R Hand)

Whisper Key Lock, R Hand, Type I

Crown on Pancake Key

Double Wide Little Finger F-sharp, with roller

High A Key with Roller

Little Finger F-sharp Roller

Low C/D Rollers

One Roller Low E Key

Thumb A-flat Roller

Thumb B-flat Roller

Thumb F-sharp Roller

Thumb F-sharp with 2 rollers

Two Roller Low E Key

Whisper Key/C-sharp Rollers

Fox Model 601 Professional Bassoon
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