Hans Hoyer G10A-L1 Geyer Style Double Horn

G10A-L1Lacquer Mechanical Linkage
G10A-L2Lacquer String Linkage 

The configuration of the G10 based on an original design by Carl Geyer, who at the age of 15 apprenticed as an instrument maker in Markneukirchen where the Brand Meister Hans Hoyer is still being made today. In 1903 Geyer brought his fine German craftsmanship to the United States and soon became the premier master horn builder in the US.

  • Geyer valve setup
  • 4 rotary valves with F/Bb switch valve
  • 3B Linkage
  • bore: 11,9 mm (.486)
  • bell diameter: 310 mm (12.653)
  • adjustable thumb lever and finger hook
  • detachable bell (M)
  • gold brass leadpipe
  • yellow brass body
  • clear lacquered
Hans Hoyer G10A-L1 Geyer Style Double Horn
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  • Item #: HHG10A-L1
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