Holton H179 Farkas Series Fixed Bell Double Horn

The inimitable Holton Farkas!

The Holton H179 Farkas Series Fixed Bell Double Horn is praised by professional musicians and by academics for its truly centered tone. With a centered tone, even the most difficult passages become easier to play. This particular H179 is regarded as the flagship of the Holton line. An instrument designed for the “big horn” artist, the H179 has a dark, rich sound. Its velvety tone is complemented by a slight ringing overtone. The large tapered tubing and grand throat on the instrument enhance the dark tone and make it bigger and fuller. The H179 features a .468” bore, a 12-1/4” hand-hammered nickel silver bell, and a large throated .310 nickel silver venture. Noiseless string action creates easeful, quiet playing. The instrument also has solid nickel silver slides inside and outside along with tapered hand-lapped brass valve rotors. In solid nickel silver, the Holton H179 Farkas Series Fixed Bell Double Horn has even greater depth and projection making it a truly trusted professional horn.


  • Key: F / Bb
  • Bore: .468-inchBell: 12.25" diameter
  • Bore: .468"
  • Key: F-Bb
  • Pitch: A445 with independent Bb tuning
  • Bell: 12.25-inch
  • Bell Type: Fixed
  • Bell Throat: Large
  • Bell Material: Hand-Hammered Nickel Silver
  • Leadpipe: Fixed
  • Leadpipe Material: Nickel Silver with .310 Venturi
  • Wrap: Kruspe
  • Linkage: String
  • Features: Solid Nickel Silver Inner and Outer Slides; Water Key on Leadpipe
  • Case: Yes
  • Mouthpiece: Farkas Medium Deep Cup
  • Finish: Nickel Silver

Holton H179 Farkas Series Fixed Bell Double Horn
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