P. Mauriat PMSS-50SX Sopranino Saxophone

The smallest saxophone in P. Mauriat's range, the PMSS-50SX. It has a lovely, lilting timbre, much bigger in its frequency spectrum than is expected from a horn this diminutive. Intonation on an instrument of this pitch is often fraught with peril. Not so with the 50-SX. Intonation here is spectacular all across the range of the instrument. Speaking of spectacular, most professional sopraninos are prohibitively expensive, and while this one isn't likely to be purchased on a whim, its pricing is much more in line with what a working musician can afford on a horn that is not primary in his or her literature.

  • Professional Class
  • Big, bold tone
  • One-piece body
  • Superb intonation
  • Stunning gold lacquer finish
  • Hand-engraved with Mother of Pearl key touches
P. Mauriat PMSS-50SX Sopranino Saxophone
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  • Item #: PMSS-50SX
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MSRP $4,999.00
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