P. Mauriat, PMXA-67RX "Influence" Professional Alto Saxophone

PMXA-67RX Influence Model Alto Saxophone

As with all of our Rolled Tone Hole Models, our truly unique rolling process uses the saxophone's existing material; unlike rolled tone holes of the past, there is no soldering here, the tone holes are drawn from the body and then rolled over allowing superior resonance throughout the entire saxophone and increased response in all ranges. We've also enlarged the bell to compliment an already warm, fat sound. PMXA-67 RX is fitted with oversized nickel silver key touches to achieve an effortless feel and to further facilitate natural vibration throughout the horn, brinign you even more in touch with your sound.

Influence key touches are a patented addition to the P. Mauriat line. They are nickel-silver touches that are silver-soldered onto the key arm creating a resonance that is not found anywhere else. They are a truly uniqie experience for any player.

Product Specification: 
- Rolled Tone Hole 
- Neck: Super VI 
- Large Bell 
- Finish: Vintage Dark Lacquer 
- Hand Engraved bell and Bow 
- Key Touches: Oversized Nickel Silver 
- Professional Class 
- Complete with case and mouthpiece package

P. Mauriat, PMXA-67RX "Influence" Professional Alto Saxophone
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