P. Mauriat SYSTEM-76SUL1 Professional Soprano Saxophone

The System 76 is an unabashed celebration of the magnificent designs of the first part of the 20th century upon which the history of jazz music was written. Its look, its, feel, its sound are all from an era gone by. The bore and the bell have both been expanded to produce a bigger sound with a core that is steady and solid, but adorned with a rich tapestry of colorful overtones.

The System 76 is offered in three finishes: unlacquered, gold lacquer and vintage dark lacquer.

  • Big sound with colorful overtones
  • Big bell and bore
  • Vintage look

System 76 One-Piece Professional Soprano Saxophone

Range to F#
Super VI neckLarge bore and bell
Vintage, unlaquered and gold lacquer options
Hand-engraved bell and bow
Abalone key touches
Professional class

P. Mauriat SYSTEM-76SUL1 Professional Soprano Saxophone
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